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Top 10 best running shoes for men

A buying guide with some tips to get the best running shoes for each runner’s needs.

Running is one of the most fashionable sports worldwide.

Finding a running shoe that fits your feet perfectly is not as easy as going to the store and picking up the most beautiful and comfortable one. In addition, there are so many models on the market today that sometimes we can feel totally overwhelmed.

To help you buy the best running shoes for men we have prepared a guide with the best tips and explanations that will lead you to opt for one model or another. We should not get carried away by the most beautiful or those that most favor us, but we must choose the shoes that best suit our needs as runners.

How to choose the perfect running shoe for me?

It is worth spending some time to get the right information and compare the different models, as your running shoes play a very important role in absorbing or reducing the vibrations that occur when your feet come into contact with the ground with each stride.

First of all, you should know what are the physical characteristics of the runner:

  • Weight, since not all shoes are capable of supporting a certain weight.
  • The injuries that you currently have or have had. There are multiple types of injuries and there are multiple options of shoes according to each injury: plantar fasciitis, calf overload, ligament discomfort … for all there is a perfect model.
  • The height of the arch of the foot is one of the most important factors that will determine the success of the choice of the best shoes.
  • Flexibility and fitness. The less flexibility and the worse shape, but it is usually the running technique, and you will need more cushioning and stability in the stride.

Once we know the physical characteristics we have to know the use that will be given to the shoes, at what pace and where it will be used. Where you are going to run, at what pace, how far, what climate, if you are going to alternate models of shoes. Training in the mountains (trail shoes) is not the same as training on a bike path or asphalt (softer cushioning and longer distance) or in an urban park (where stability is more important).

Adidas Ultraboost 20

The Ultraboots 20 shoes feature a knit upper with stitched reinforcements for extra support where you need it most. The elastane heel ensures a snug fit and great comfort. These running shoes have the latest technology to deliver high energy performance. Knit upper adapts to the shape of the foot. Dual-density cushioning provided by Motion Weave technology ensures amazing energy return with every step and support in the midfoot.

Vibram FiveFingers Kso Evo

Vibram is a brand that revolutionized the market by launching shoes designed to fit all five toes. It is an invention for doing sports “as if you were barefoot”, something that has caught the attention of many runners: in the United States alone more than 70 million shoes have been sold and those who try them do not want anything else. Of course, they require adaptation because they are very light and, being used to other types of shoes, you have to get used to them.

The FiveFingers Kso Evo is one of the best choices in terms of value for money, as it is one of the cheapest Vibram FiveFingers. This KSO model is designed for all kinds of indoor activities and is also very lightweight and flexible. The Vibram sole is composed of a 3 millimeters thick outsole, so it protects you from small stones and other elements that you can find. Its fabric is very simple and breathable, a perfect choice for indoor use. In addition, the adjustment through sliding round laces, is quick and easy.

Among the advantages of this type of shoes are that they use and activate all the muscles of the feet, even the smallest ones. They promise to improve balance, strengthen muscles and bones and prevent injuries. The best definition is that it is like running barefoot, but that is also a drawback: being so light a stone, glass or other object can cause significant damage, so they are more intended for indoor use. There is also the possibility of more calluses and almost everyone agrees that it is a shoe for short distances.

Asics Gel Nimbus 22

The Asic Gel Nimbus 22 cushioned running shoes are a high-end men’s model designed to make running more comfortable and improve performance. The GEL technology, unlike other models, is applied both in the heel and forefoot. Thus, in addition to facilitating the rebound effect, it also reduces the load on the foot at the end of the support phase. The materials of the sole and midsole improve stability and allow better use of the energy in each step.

These sneakers get one of the best marks in the ratings of Amazon customers, a 4.6 out of 5. And 76% of the more than 200 people who reviewed these shoes gave them the maximum score. As is the case of Cristóbal who commented that “with exceptional cushioning, these Nimbus 22 have given a radical change, with greater support in the ankle area, a very nice upper while functional and with a weight of 380 grams. If you are a regular runner, or if you are just starting out in running, this is the shoe for you. It will control you when your stride is tired and correct your foot when needed. Also, if you are a heavy runner (80-100kg) you will notice the cushioning a lot, avoiding injuries. Very top! I recommend them 300%”.

Mizuno Wave Skyrise W

The Wave Skyrise is a brand new running shoe from Mizuno designed for softness and comfort, from landing until you lift your foot off the ground. This floating feeling while running is achieved by combining Foemwave and XPOP technologies.

The Mizuno Foamwave consists of two soft materials placed together in a wave-shaped design to create a highly cushioned and stable platform, which reduces pressure during landings and guides the movement of the foot. The XPOP enhances cushioning for reactivity and running with less effort,

New Balance 1080v10 Fresh Foam

New version softer, more cushioned and lighter than its predecessors. The New Balance 1080v10 offers a sleek design packed with comfort, all based on data collected from thousands of runners. NB’s exclusive and evolved Fresh Foam X cushioning will allow you to rack up the miles and miles with confidence under your feet.

With a rating of 4.4 out of 5, these stylish shoes are loved by everyone. And it is that 81% of Amazon shoppers have rated them with 5 stars. “At first, very tight because of the elastic upper, but in three days they are like a sock,” says Tony, very happy with his purchase.

Nike Free RN 5.0

Ideal for runs up to 5k, the Nike Free RN 5.0 returns to its running shoe roots. Its upper has been streamlined with single-layer stretch mesh for a second-skin feel. The lightweight midsole with less foam gives you more comfort with every step and maximum ground grip. Notches from heel to toe allow for multi-directional flexibility and an asymmetrical, laterally positioned lacing system relieves pressure on the instep.

67% of customers who purchased it through Amazon have rated these Nike shoes with 5 stars, thus getting a rating of 4.3 out of 5. “The best running shoe I have found in a long time. I was looking for a good running shoe with little cushioning (not a lot of gel) and these are perfect. I would definitely recommend it”, says Ermir, who is delighted with his purchase, although he warns that “you have to pay attention to the size, as you need one more size than you usually wear”.

Saucony Triumph ISO 5

The Saucony Triumph ISO 5 is an extremely comfortable training shoe both in terms of cushioning and fit. The feel of the upper is excellent and they are tireless runners that won’t give up nimble paces if you ask them to. The performance of these shoes is beyond question. They are the kind of sneakers you can almost recommend at will because they cover a very wide range of usage profiles and you know you will rarely go wrong with them.

Brooks Ricochet

This model of Brooks Ricohet shoes combines a weight of 292 grams with a pleasant cushioning that allows running with neutral footstep in competitions and quality runs, at really interesting rhythms. The sole of these shoes is designed with flex grooves that point forward as if they were arrows that give a quick transition and a remarkable flexion to not lose any second during the tread.

Saucony Guide 13

Saucony is a prestigious American brand specializing in running and its Guide 13 model stands out mainly for its special structured cushioning that, according to experts, makes it the best of all time. PWRRUN technology is a lighter and more flexible alternative to conventional EVA and ensures optimal cushioning and increased energy return. In addition, these properties remain constant and are resistant to temperature changes, even over the longest distances.

Asics Evoride

The EVORIDE is the most affordable of the entire family of shoes with Guidesole technology. Thanks to the one-piece midsole that allows full ground contact and is designed to reduce the load on the feet and increase the efficiency of the shoe, this model of shoes provides extra energy in the race, whether short or long distance. In addition, it has a breathable mesh upper that allows optimal air circulation from the outside and helps keep feet cool. Its construction is durable thanks to a lightweight yet durable rubber outsole, extra forefoot cushioning that provides energy for every stride and plantar transition. In addition, it incorporates a markedly raised toe box that facilitates forward movement while running.

Type of footprint

In order to know the types of footsteps that exist, we must know what pronation is and why it is one of the fundamental bases for choosing the best shoe. Pronation is the inward rotation of the foot when it comes into contact with the ground when running or walking, helping to support the impact of the stride. Depending on the type of pronation you have, you should choose a certain type of running shoe:

  • Supination or reduced pronation: when the rotation of the foot is less. Runners with supination are more prone to fractures and injuries due to foot strike. It is important to choose a good shoe.
  • Excessive pronation: when the rotation of the foot is excessive. The shoes of runners with excessive pronation will have good cushioning and support and should be worn on the inside of the heel and big toe area.
  • Neutral pronation: the best option to have access to a wide range of shoes. The outside of the soles have an S-shaped wear from the heel to the toe.

Most recognized brands of running shoes

In any sports store we will find dozens of brands of running shoes, each one with its differential characteristics, but all of them offer a multitude of models for all types of runners. These are some of the most recognized brands in the market.

Asics: This brand led the training shoe segments in Spain with models such as the Nimbus 20, which incorporated gel in its structure for a better stride.

New Balance: Its experience and technological innovation has allowed the brand to design shoes that offer cushioning, great stability and a very careful design.

Nike: This American giant is one of the most popular brands in Spain. In fact, shoes like the Nike Revolution 4 or high-end models like the Pegasus sell very well among veteran runners.

Adidas: This brand is a classic that guarantees cushioning, safety and good grip. Its running shoes are very versatile, as they can be used for training based on running and also for competitions. Some of their models are highly durable and flexible.

Saucony: They stand out for their ISO adjustment system, which adapts the upper part of the shoes to the shape of each foot. Their cushioning is increasingly softer and their design is very colorful.

Salomon: one of the most technical brands on the market, specializing in trail and trekking runners. High quality shoes to cushion your steps on any terrain.

Nike, Adidas, Salomon or New Balance are just some of the best known brands, but there are thousands of options with really good models.

With this buying guide on running shoes for runners, getting the sneakers that best suit our needs will be a little easier.

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