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The 7 benefits of having a pet at home

Living with an animal also brings psychological benefits.

Currently, it is estimated that approximately 65% of the population lives with at least one pet at home. This large percentage gives us to understand, at first glance, that having a pet is much more than just feeding a pet and that it brings us more advantages than disadvantages.

And indeed, we are not wrong: pets bring physical and psychological benefits to the whole family. For this reason, many psychologists recommend adopting an animal to treat certain personal skills, and there are even therapies in which animals are the main resource for treating illnesses.

What are the benefits of a pet?

But, could there be clear advantages to sharing life with a loyal pet? Let’s take a look at it in this article. Here are 7 benefits of having a pet in the family home.

1. Encourages activity

Having a pet (especially if it is a dog) can be, for many people, a reason to go out and take several walks every day. Although the main reason for these walks is for the benefit of the pet, their owners also benefit from these outings. This is especially important for people who lead a sedentary life or have little willpower to move around.

2. Encourages activity

Beyond going out for several walks a day, having a pet can help us to do a more intense exercise, whether it is spending some time in movement throwing any object at it or doing exercise intentionally; many dog owners find in their pet the ideal companion to go for a run.

3. It helps us to do physical exercise:

Humans need routine to function properly and to feel secure and confident. If we have a pet, we will be the ones who will provide this daily routine, which at the same time, we will also be structuring our days.

4. It helps us to improve our sense of responsibility

Having a living being that depends on us makes us feel useful and responsible, especially important characteristics in childhood. And many times, these characteristics arise innately; according to the Affinity Foundation study on children and animals, 90% of children would dedicate part of their time to take care of their animal; 80% would give their favorite toy for it and 75% would get up early to walk it.

5. It helps us to express our emotions

A pet is an inexhaustible source of affection, and at the same time, it teaches us to express emotions such as love, among others.

6. Facilitates socialization

Our pet can be the ideal topic of conversation that allows us to break the ice when we meet people we don’t know very well, or in those uncomfortable situations of silence. In addition, it can be the link that allows us to meet new friends and enlarge our social circle.

7. Especially important in psychological therapy

Animals are great allies for people with psychological disorders; therefore, there are many assisted therapies in which animals are the main resource to achieve benefits and improvements in people.

Caring for and loving an animal

Given these benefits, the innumerable advantages that a single animal companion can bring to our lives are evident. All members of the family, both young and old, can benefit from them. Animals allow us to improve our empathy, our sense of responsibility, our communication skills, our ability to express our feelings and our relationship with the environment.

Of course, having a pet at home implies a great responsibility. We must think carefully about which animal is the most suitable for the characteristics of our home, and bear in mind that having a pet involves economic costs and constant attention.

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