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On video: A mountain lion’s harrowing chase of Kyle Burgess, a young Utah runner.

Burgess, who captured the whole thing on his cell phone, managed to escape the terrifying encounter unscathed.

A mountain lion's harrowing chase of Kyle Burgess
Screenshots of the video in which the young man shares what happened – Instagram

When someone goes jogging in the countryside, they expect to disconnect and spend a pleasant afternoon. No one imagines going to play sports in these peaceful backwaters and leaving terrified. This is what happened to a young man in Utah.

The events took place in Slate Canyon National Park, according to his Instagram account. Kyle Burgess, a 26-year-old young man, was exercising on a trail when he found four small mountain lions in the middle of the path.

Visibly excited, he stopped for just a few seconds and started filming them until something happened. Out of the bushes, with her back arched, appeared the mother of the cubs.

After this surprise, Burgess began to walk away without stopping filming, without losing his calm and without turning his back on the animal. Meanwhile, the feline kept following him in a threatening manner, showing its teeth, tensing its back and wagging its tail.

As the images show, during the harrowing escape, which lasted more than 6 minutes, the young man screams and tries to push the mountain lion away.

“Okay, this is when I die,” Burgess says as he tries to fend off the animal’s attack. “Come on, man. I don’t feel like dying today.”

Then, at one point on the trail, just as the young man is determined to make a run for it, the feline turns and runs away toward the spot where its young were.

In the end, Burgess, who managed to escape unscathed from this dangerous encounter, only manages to show the trembling of his hands to the camera.

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