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London marathon runner helped overtake the finish line by a competitor when he collapsed.

london runner marathon who collapsed just two hundred metres from the finish line was helped across the line by a fellow marathon runner.

A runner participating in the London Marathon collapsed just a few hundred meters from the finish line after the other runner helped him across the line.

Matthew Rees halted racing in honor of David Wyeth, who collapsed while competing in the competition earlier in the day. The footage of his doing so has since gone viral, and many people have been praising him for it.

David, an amateur runner of Chorlton Runners Club, Manchester, is seen in the clip looking unsteady on his feet before he appears to fall backward. Without giving a second’s thought, Matthew stops his own race and comes up with an action.

Later on in the race, David can be seen getting more assistance from race-workers to get across the finish line, while Matthew, from the Swansea Harriers, can be seen shouting David on and helping him stay on his feet. He finally heads over and props up a very unsteady David and assists him across the line.

What a guy!

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