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Kathrine Switzer: The woman who changed the history of the marathon forever

There is an iconic black and white photograph that is part of sports history: a young woman runs the 1967 Boston Marathon with the number 261. And suddenly she is attacked by one of the organizers, who wants to take her out of the race for being woman. Other runners, her coach and her boyfriend push themselves up for her right to keep running. And that’s what Kathrine Switzer did: finish the race, for herself and for all the women who didn’t get a chance to do it.

Kathrine Switzer
Kathrine Switzer running the Boston Marathon, 1967

The athlete broke a taboo in that 1967 Boston Marathon and since then has dedicated her life to promoting gender equality in sports and running in schools as a way to empower children. In 1974 she won the New York City Marathon and has completed 35 other marathons, being the pioneer that promoted the inclusion of this modality in the Olympic Games.

She is the founder of the organization 261 Fearless, which organizes races and women’s running groups, she is also the author of books such as ‘Marathon Woman: Running the Race to Revolutionize Women’s Sports’ and ‘26.2 Marathon Stories ’.

“Right now, the marathon union, Running and sport are wonderful examples of diversity, inclusion, respect and equality. If we can do it in a marathon, why not all over the world? We all run together and we do not care about gender, as we do not care if a lawyer or a plumber runs. This breaks down a host of social barriers and other limitations. Sport consists of motivating and respecting others: that is the greatest lesson I have learned ”, he concludes.

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