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How to learn to run and have fun at the same time

Normally, we runners follow the same evolution: we discover running, we start training, we set our sights and become more ambitious, until we end up getting frustrated.

How to learn to run and have fun at the same time
Happy runner.

Now that running is so fashionable, many people start training for long days and compete with the first person who crosses their path. Journalist and marathon runner Rafa Vega proposes another alternative in his book “DiviĆ©rtete corriendo” (Corner), in which he explains how we can run with an optimistic and positive spirit. In the following excerpt he humorously teaches us the basis of his philosophy and explains why he started running.

  1. You will have a good time above all things.
  2. You will not look at the clock or talk about times.
  3. Say hello and be polite. Smile to those who cheer you on, reciprocate with a gesture to those who applaud you in races and respond to those who talk to you when they pass you in a training session.
  4. Don’t covet other people’s bibs.
  5. Meet friends for a run. Have a beer with them at the end of training.
  6. Sanctify Sunday as the day of the long run.
  7. At work you will not use the elevator and at the mall you will avoid the escalators. Walk up the stairs, it’s healthier.
  8. Use social networks to meet other runners, not to brag about your times.
  9. Don’t get angry or frustrated if you don’t reach your goal. The goal is the way, not the end.
  10. You will finish your training with a smile on your face.

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