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Game of Thrones’ Mountain debuts in boxing: 170 kilos of muscle in the ring

Bjornsson, known for his role in the popular soap opera, had his first exhibition bout this weekend. In September, he will face Eddie Hall to settle their rivalry.

Game of Thrones' Mountain debuts in boxing
Bjornsson, in an archive image. (EFE)

Hafthor Bjornsson had a proud track record in weightlifting when a call from show business changed his life. This Icelander, formerly nicknamed Thor for his striking physique, played the Mountain (Sir Gregor Clegane) in the well-known TV series ‘Game of Thrones‘. He was the third performer to step under the helmet of the colossal character, but he would end up being the definitive one. For Bjornsson, his foray into the world of acting was something temporary, he wanted to remain linked to the sport. Last weekend, in Dubai, he had his first experience in the world of boxing. An exhibition fight against Irishman Steven Ward in preparation for his big date next September: the heaviest boxing match in history. There he will settle accounts with his Eddie Hall, another winner of the world’s strongest man award, with whom he has a healthy rivalry.

Game of Thrones' Mountain debuts in boxing
Ward and Bjornsson, in a moment of the fight. (MKT Global)

It is the first time Bjornsson steps into a ring for a fight, although he has been preparing for this change of sport for months. The Conrad Hotel in Dubai hosted last Saturday this exhibition that lasted three rounds and in which the Icelander left a great image. Even with many details to be polished, the athlete showed versatility in the ring, surprising Ward himself, who had originally been hired by his team to help him improve in technical areas. “This was great! Thanks to everyone for the positive comments. I will take part in more exhibition fights in my preparation for the main fight in September,” Hafthor Bjornsson himself commented on his social networks, before sending a message to his great rival: “I have great respect for this sport, this is just the beginning. I will be in the best shape of my life in September this year and I will knock Eddie Hall out.

Bjornsson’s physical change for fight vs. Hall

Both Eddie Hall and Bjornsson are winners of the World’s Strongest Man, an annual contest in which competitors complete a series of particularly tough physical tests to find out who is the strongest. Their rivalry reached both the media and social networks, where it is common to see challenges between the two men. It was decided to take the show to the ring and the gloves will do the talking next September.

Both athletes knew that their weightlifting physique was not adequate to get into the ring, so they began a diet and specific preparation. The Mountain, who is 2 meters and 10 centimeters tall, went from weighing more than 200 kilos to 170, a figure that, despite reducing his power, will allow him to be much more mobile in combat.

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