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Do you want to lose weight? We have the best alternative if you don’t know how to do it

When we get going, we need to set up some way to monitor our own process. We need to find the perfect assistants who cost us very little.

 lose weight
A simple gadget to change everything.

One is getting older and from time to time decides to take seriously the issue of health and therefore intends to lose weight, reduce those extra kilos, get in shape or start training to prepare for their first races and enter the world of ‘running‘. Undoubtedly the first and best option would be to hire a personal trainer, someone who will know how to plan, organize and follow up on your goals. In the case of not being able to do so, as a substitute there are dozens of programs and apps that can help us achieve our goals. Apps that can design and plan a specific training routine, record our workouts and act as an uncomfortable witness both to confirm that we have complied with the plan and when we do not.

Apps have become a common element in our lives today. Through them we manage a large part of our daily activities. From reading the newspaper to managing bank accounts, we do everything through apps. Applications that reside in our cell phones, that appendage that has become part of our anatomy, an object from which we do not take off 24 hours a day and through which we can now also monitor our exercise plans.

The fact that sport requires more than just a few days, even weeks, is the reason for the high dropout rate.

Mobile apps are perfect as assistants for monitoring our health, getting fit and as an aid to weight management. The fact that any of these activities require more than a few days, even weeks, is the reason for the high dropout rate; that’s why mobile apps are the perfect tool to monitor our progress and alert us to deviations, if we skip a workout or eat more calories than we should. The daily control and monitoring by the applications are the instrument that will probably determine the success or failure of our goal.

Almost all fitness apps allow you to record your daily workouts, accumulate the calories ingested at meals, and analyze your progress in one direction or another. In addition, some apps can act as real trainers, since they are in fact real trainers who handle and manage them, being able in this case our routines according to the needs of each one, including the nutritional aspect which is, as we have already commented on many occasions, is 60% of our goal to get in shape.

It is an ideal app for all those who are new to running. It helps with different programs and levels of demand so that from the first day we can start training with routines that include running and walking sections, as well as showing us a series of practical exercises that help us to progress in a more specific way.

A personal trainer at your service that offers personalized workouts depending on our current fitness level, our available time to train and the goals we want to achieve. This app forms a plan that includes a series of exercises that complements the nutritional control. An ideal app to get in shape, achieve greater flexibility or gain strength, through daily exercises and a constant monitoring of our progression.

An application designed for outdoor cardio exercise, whose options, of course, include running, cycling and hiking training. It measures distance traveled and calories burned among other options. This app keeps track of the workouts and physical activities that are performed, in addition to motivating you to achieve it. The only downside is that you have to carry your phone with you at all times.

My Fitness

An ideal app for losing weight. If we start from the premise that miracle diets do not exist, and that the best way to reduce those extra centimeters that we always have left over at the waist, is to control what we eat every day. That is the philosophy applied by this app, which calculates in a simple and easy way the calories we eat at each meal and helps us to keep control.


It is an app compatible with My Fitness pal, so that you can combine both the training proposed by Fitstar with nutritional control and monitoring. Fitstar offers both standard workouts and the possibility for each person to customize them according to their goals and fitness level.

Nike training club

One of the great monsters of world sport, also has its own fitness app. You can train under the supervision of in-house trainers and also support and motivate yourself by cross training with your friends. A very complete app with video images that show how to do the exercise correctly and audio tracks that explain each day’s workouts. They have more than 100 free plans.

Fitness builder

This application offers more than a thousand types of free workouts and several levels, as well as more than seven thousand images and videos of the proposed exercises.

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