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Couple loses 525 pounds between them and explains their three tricks to achieve it

She managed to lose 150 kilos and then became a personal trainer; he got the help he needed and summarizes his process in three keys that helped him to lose weight.

Losing weight is one of the dreams of millions of people around the world. But this goal, sometimes, is not an individual fight against the scales, but becomes a fight to defeat a common enemy. This is what has happened to Brittany and Dwight Neff, an American couple who have joined forces to lose 240 kilos between them.

Brittany Neff was once an emotional eater: she used food for everything, both good news and bad news, which led her to put on much more weight than necessary. But there came a time when she decided to stand up and set out to lose weight: she succeeded and in two years she was able to lose 152 kilos (from 232 to 80) and get back to the person she was.

Her husband Dwight had also had a very strange relationship with food: his family owned a pizzeria and he had had trouble staying away from the stove. But he grew up and decided to lose weight, going from 180 to 90 kilos thanks to his wife’s support. Because, after his success, she became his personal trainer.

Slimming as a couple

When Britanny achieved her goal of having the weight she had always dreamed of, she decided to become a personal trainer. She admits to Today that “in the last four years, I have worked hard to establish healthy habits, whether with food, mind or sport, thanks to which I have achieved what is now my current reality”.

Couple loses 525 pounds between them and explains their three tricks to achieve it
Brittany and Dwight Neff are two totally different people than they were (Photo: Instagram).

Britanny managed to lose weight by receiving advice from personal trainers to establish healthy lifestyle habits in her daily life. Now, she still eats six meals a day and works out three to four times a week, combining strength training with cardio.

The last step she took was to deal with the excess skin she had accumulated after losing so much weight. So, she decided to undergo an operation to remove the excess skin, which allowed her to drop another six kilos of weight. It was in January 2019 and in June of that same year she met the man who is now her husband, Dwight.

Brittany was the first to lose weight and, after she succeeded, she helped her husband to follow her own weight loss process.

She had managed to lose the extra weight, but her partner needed help, as he had tried to lose weight before, but to no avail. So she didn’t think twice and helped him, something Dwight doesn’t forget: “This time it wasn’t going to be ‘lose weight and gain it back,’ but I’ve become a healthy person instead of just dieting.”

Tips for slimming down

The 34-year-old, who works in the printing industry, says his wife’s help was essential: “Having that person there who knows what you’ve been through and knows exactly how you feel, that helps normalize everything. I can be 100 percent open with her…getting to the next level of communication and support: it just all flows really well.”

The second tip is to find support in the process. Not being alone is vital to help maintain weight loss and deal with all kinds of problems and stress: feeling that you have help from the people closest to you creates a “sense of community” that helps the weight loss process to be complete. It is one more help to achieve the set goal.

Finally, both agree that the important thing is to “find out why“. Dwight explained that he wanted to lose weight for his father: he was ill and wanted to be sure that, in his absence, his son would be well. So having a meaning, a purpose, helped him succeed: “Just having such a strong reason why this time it was going to be different meant that this time I couldn’t fail”.

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