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Benefits of running 30 minutes a day

By now you should know that running has multiple health benefits. But what are the benefits of running for 30 minutes and can you run for half an hour and lose weight? Today we want to go into detail about the advantages of running 30 minutes a day and what are some of the best running shoes for this type of training.

That’s right, for many people, running has become a habit. To improve our health and fitness, we need to train five times a week for a total of 150 minutes. This effectively gives us an average of 30 minutes of running per day. The benefits of running for 30 minutes are many and it costs very little to achieve them. As you can see, it is not necessary to run every day of the week. It is recommended to train a maximum of 5 days a week, and a minimum of 3 days a week.

Before going into details, it is important to note one thing. The benefits of running 30 minutes a day reach two main dimensions, mental and physical. What does this mean? That the benefits are not only for your body, but also for your mind. And to achieve this, all you have to do is put on your running shoes and go for a run. Take a picture of yourself before you start this routine so you can check your evolution over time, you’ll be amazed!

Here are the 5 benefits of running for 30 minutes:

Running is slimming

Running has been proven to lose weight. Running is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, with long-lasting effects. There is no rebound effect for a few weeks. We will burn fat if we run for 30 minutes with a medium-high intensity and add, at the end of the week, about 20 kilometers in total. Of course, we recommend that the basis of all training should be accompanied by a balanced diet. Key to losing weight by running.

If you want to calculate the number of calories you burn in each workout you can use this formula: Weight (kg) x Km x 1.03

Running improves circulation

Another benefit of running is that it improves blood circulation. Running 30 minutes a day favors the return of blood to the heart, making effort with various muscle groups. Also, closely related to this, running reduces the risk of osteoporosis, a disease that affects millions of people and weakens bones.

Running improves physical fitness

By running at least 30 minutes a day, you will notice that you get less and less tired. Your body gets used to the wear and tear and the activity. Doing other types of activities becomes easier and you will feel less exhausted.

Running strengthens muscles

Muscles benefit from running every day, especially the muscles of the lower body. The calves, thighs and buttocks get a lot of wear and tear that strengthens them. Although several studies have proven that running benefits every muscle in the body, from the feet to the shoulders.

Running improves your sex life

Did you know that running can improve sexual activity? This is due to a physiological mechanism produced by our body. Running helps to increase testosterone levels, which increases sexual desire in both men and women. In addition, if we run 30 minutes a day we will feel more physically active and slimmer. So we will feel more desirable in the eyes of other people.

Running gives a better appearance to muscle tone and skin tone

Have you noticed changes in the physical appearance of those who run? The benefits of running carry over to our skin and its condition. Your muscles look toned, and the appearance of your skin becomes brighter and clearer. This is one of the benefits that most attracts runners.

Running reduces stress

Running helps us recover the vital energy we lose during our working hours. In addition, several studies have concluded that running is perfect for combating stress. Why? Quite simply, these studies show that fatigue and stress accumulated at work begins to decrease after just 10 minutes of continuous running. Imagine then if you run for 30 minutes!

Running improves sleep and rest quality

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders worldwide. Performing a physical activity, such as running, results in a significant energy drain. Your body will practically cry out for rest, so falling asleep will be much easier and with better quality.

Running improves self-esteem and boosts morale

When you run, your body produces endorphins, a substance that is directly linked to your mood. Your mood changes from the first moment as well as your self-esteem, especially when you manage to complete the goals you had planned.

Running improves concentration

Running has been proven to help improve concentration, almost to the same level as other activities such as playing a musical instrument. When you go running you practice goal focus, so you become accustomed to concentrating on a goal.

Running extends life

We leave for the end, the most generic and, probably, the most important benefit. Yes, as you read it. Running 30 minutes a day can help us live longer. This is the result of a scientific study carried out by Brigham Young University in the USA. This research shows that those who exercise regularly can delay cell aging.

We will also feel (and look) younger. The more physically active we are, the less cellular aging occurs inside the body. Regular physical activity reduces mortality and helps extend life.

You already know that! Running 30 minutes a day will make you feel healthier, younger, more active and help you live longer. Take advantage of the benefits of running and join our team.

Benefits of running for our health

The benefits of running are many, as we have already seen above. The practice of running brings us multiple benefits for our body. Thanks to this sport, we can lose weight, improve blood circulation, enrich our sex life and reduce stress.

Moreover, we should not forget that physical activity performed daily and in a controlled manner can help us to live longer and in a more pleasant way. In general, the benefits of running are wider, in this post we have highlighted the most relevant ones, but we can also add some others such as; increase the quality of sleep and improve mood, it has been proven that going for a walk or run favors the increase of the hormones of “happiness”.

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