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Basic equipment guide for novice runners: clothing, footwear and accessories

You may be thinking about taking your first steps in the world of running, but don’t know exactly what to buy. Here we help you not to get lost.

Basic equipment guide for novice runners: clothing, footwear and accessories

Are you just starting out in the world of running and don’t quite know how to equip yourself for it? The easiest thing would be to think that any T-shirt, pants or running shoes are good for a beginner, but that’s not the case. Whether for aesthetic reasons or for health reasons, you’d better take care of what you wear before going out for a training session.

It is not a question of getting carried away by the latest fashions and color trends, nor of spending a lot of money on a hobby that we do not know if it will convince us. It is more a question of fabrics, cuts and comfort. All these aspects are fundamental for a correct practice of this sport in which injuries can be the order of the day if you do not take care of them. But let’s go step by step.

On top: technical T-shirt

Although it sounds like a ‘pro’ accessory, don’t worry because they are available in multiple qualities and they don’t have to be expensive. At first you can opt for simple T-shirts, but the key is that they should be made of polyester, not too heavy and as breathable as possible. Recommendation, run away from the cotton t-shirts you have at home because they absorb sweat and will become a heavy burden.

Apart from that, whether they are long-sleeved, short-sleeved or suspenders is up to the consumer. But keep in mind that overdressing, no matter how cold it is outside, is not a good option because as soon as the body starts sweating our body temperature will rise and the presses will start to heat us, a very annoying feeling while running.

Pants vs leggings

If it’s a matter of embarrassment, it’s okay to wear baggy pants, as long as they are not the usual sweatpants that we have forgotten in the back of the closet. With these is the same as with cotton T-shirts, they are very hot and will make you sweat a lot, a deadly combination for any good runner. Within the category of pants, it is best to opt for fabrics such as Climalite that provides optimal sweat control.

The more comfortable and less restrictive a garment is, the better it will perform. That’s why lightweight fabrics and wide, seamless waistbands are best. If you find one that offers excellent fit, breathability and freedom of movement, don’t hesitate. Go for it.

But tights are also a good option. They are comfortable, flexible and keep the heat in the legs better (depending on the thickness, a factor to take into account), and at certain times of the year it is important to keep your knees covered. So it’s up to you to choose which one you feel better.

Socks, small but tough

They may be the forgotten ones, but we are going to give them the place they deserve. When it comes to running, everything that helps to take care of your feet is essential. So from now on, it is better to use specific technical socks for running. Unless you use mountain shoes, it is preferable that they are not too thick because, once again, you will avoid sweating too much.

The option of compression socks, so fashionable lately, is more advisable if you do endurance running, but there are those who also use them for shorter workouts. They allow more blood and oxygen to reach the muscle and a greater amount of waste substances to be eliminated, but these are big words and are best left for when you are more experienced runners.

The star garment: sneakers

At this point is where we must make a good investment and not only economic, but also of time. It is forbidden to buy the first ones you see or the prettiest ones in sight. To acquire a suitable sport footwear is basic to run with guarantees, to avoid injuries and not to abandon the practice before time.

If you are a beginner, the best thing to do is to seek the advice of an expert. You should tell him/her what type of runners you are, what type of training you do, detailing the number of kilometers, the times you run and how far you want to go. With this data together with the analysis of your footprint, they will recommend the best purchase in each case. They may be a little more expensive than expected, but remember that it depends on them that you avoid further injuries.

And last but not least…

It is time to talk about underwear and especially about women’s underwear, because boys, with certain garments, can even do without it. In this case it is recommended to change your usual bra for a better prepared sports bra. It is not mandatory, but if you try it you will surely notice the difference. The support that is achieved is not the same so the discomfort is reduced.

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