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Back to the Future’ self-tying sneakers now a reality

The American brand Nike has announced that, starting next summer, it will put on sale the HyperAdapt, the first sneakers that are able to lace themselves up.

Back to the Future' self-tying sneakers now a reality

Do you remember the famous scene from ‘Back to the Future’ in which Doc offered Marty McFly special sneakers that, after putting them on, adjusted themselves to his feet? Well, now they are a reality. The sports brand Nike has announced that,

starting next summer, it will put on sale its first model capable of lacing automatically, without having to interact manually.

Called Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, this new and experimental technology is one of the great novelties in the world of footwear. Years ago, the American company announced that it would start working on a model similar to the one in the famous movie, although everything seemed to indicate that it was just a self-promotion campaign. Only a short time later, this incredible project is now a reality.

The shoe has a series of sensors inside, which allow it to detect when the user has put them on. It is at that moment when the laces, which are embedded in the sides of the shoe, automatically adjust to the user’s foot without the need to use their hands. Likewise, these sensors recognize when the person stands up, allowing the fastening of the shoes to be tightened without loosening.

Están enfocadas al deportista de alto nivel, para que la zapatilla se ajuste a las necesidades del momento

This is undoubtedly the first model of a new range of footwear that aims to make our lives easier. In the future, the idea is that this model will become self-adjusting, that is to say, that throughout the day it will determine when to tighten or loosen the laces depending on the ground we walk on or the needs of the foot. Until then, it will feature two buttons to further tighten or loosen the lacing.

The path that Nike wants to explore has to do with high-level sport, where it wants to offer the athlete a shoe that is able to adjust automatically during the various competitions. In other words, a long-distance runner, a sprinter, a soccer player or a tennis player, among others, will not only not suffer the inconvenience of seeing their shoes unbuckle, but they will also be able to adjust to what they need to avoid injuries and not lose grip.

“We want the product to have life.”

It’s amazing to discover that a shoe is able to detect what the body needs in real time. It serves to eliminate a multitude of distractions, including mental exhaustion, and therefore can offer performance benefits,” confesses Tinker Hatfield, designer of the HyperAdapt 1.0 model. “Wouldn’t it be great if a shoe could sense that it needed extra grip for a quick maneuver? That’s where we’re headed, to bring the product to life,” he adds.

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