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10 free apps for training

Gradually everything is calming down and we can return to training almost as before, but not all of us have maintained the same motivation after the situation we have been through. Many people took up sport and running after the confinement, and we don’t want this to change.

Here are some apps that you can download to keep you motivated this summer.

10 apps to keep us motivated

  1. STRAVA is undoubtedly one of our favorite apps. Both for road runners and mountain runners. Even for lovers of other sports. The main social network for runners where you can share your achievements, stories and photos with other sports lovers, as well as join different challenges and be part of various groups.
  2. ENDOMONDO. It is one of the personal training applications with which you can get the most out of your workouts. Thanks to its activity monitor, you can track your results, analyze your statistics, set yourself challenges and surpass yourself.
  3. KOMOOT. If this last thing we have said about STRAVA is what you like, there are other options to create routes as Komoot easy to use and very intuitive. It can be used for any outing on foot or by bike and you can also share your routes with it. And best of all, you don’t need internet to make it work.
  4. NTC AND NRC. The two Nike apps for training. NTC is the app designed for training, either at home or in the gym or on the street. From strength training of different muscle groups, to yoga. It also adapts to your schedule, even if you have a short break of 15 minutes you can take advantage of it to do a short routine or even perform a few sessions that you like.
  5. ADIDAS APP or RUNTASTIC: The ADIDAS app with which you can start a training plan, participate in challenges and gradually gain strength. You can use it to practice different types of sports. Not only running. Thanks to this app all the activities you do count.
  6. RUNKEEPER. This is the ASICS app with which you can get a training plan and meet your goals.
  7. TRAININGPEAKS. With this app you can set up training plans that adapt to your schedule and pace of life. In addition, you will receive emails every time you achieve an achievement or improve a distance.
  8. GARMIN CONNECT. In addition to allowing you to record your activities, you will also automatically share them with your family and friends once you have finished. It is also very good to schedule workouts if you have a personal trainer to do series for example, or even to keep track of your improvements.
  9. RELIEVE. With this app you can share your outdoor activities easily and simply. You can use it both for running and hiking and share your outings through 3D videos with thousands of users.
  10. SUUNTO APP. If your watch is a SUUNTO we recommend that you look into the application to discover everything it provides. Since some time ago they modified the system and now you can do everything from this one. You will be able to track your activities just like Garmin but the interface is a bit simpler. You will have all your training summaries and trends in your activities.

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